DAT THANH LTD established itself as a premier developer in the mid to high end market in the last 17 years. It provides a full range of services ranging from pre-construction consultancy to architectural design and construction services.


  • Consultancy work: From land survey & research, selection of sites, investment feasibility study, negotiation of lease, study of technical documents to appreciation & selection of contractor.
  • Design work: Customize to clients' request; safety-guaranteed designs, meeting international standards and construction regulations including fire fighting, explosion and environmental protection.
  • Project Management: Ranges from legal principles to quality control management, work progress and safety management.
  • Builder Work: Ranges from fit-out of commercial office space to full-scale structural renovation; design and construction including concrete superstructure of new residential, commercial, and light industrial buildings.
  • Steel Structures: From engineering to fabrication and erection of incinerators, stainless steel tanks, piping system, and other structures used in various industries.